Austria-Birding in the Hotel St. Georg

Bird watching in the Austrian Alps: from the lake to the icy mountains

Zell am See is an excellent location for birdwatchers. The lake and flood plains serve as a habitat for a multitude of water birds. The low mountain range with forests and mountain pastures hosts birds of any kind from oscine birds to game birds. In the high mountains the majestic birds of prey can be found, like the bearded vulture and the golden eagle.

The topic of ornithology is becoming more and more popular like in the “High Tauern National Park” with their international endeavors or the “Castle Hohenwerfen” with their falconry museum and castle falconry.

Some own recent experiences have brought up the idea to establish a place to go for bird lovers and create special vacation packages.

Fam. Balthasar Sauper – Alpenhotels Großglockner